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Semiotics Resources Michael Bakhtin Peter Bøgh Andersen
Basics of Semiotics Roland Barthes Paul Bouissac
History of Semiotics John Deely Ron Burnett
Semiotics in the News Jesper Hoffmeyer Daniel Chandler
Structuralism Umberto Eco Jonathan Culler
Biosemiotics Michael Halliday Donald Cunningham
Mathematics Louis Hjelmslev Marcel Danesi
Computer Semiotics Jack Goody Kalevi Kull
Social Semiotics A.J. Greimas Jay Lemke
Cultural Semiotics Roman Jakobson Alfred Lang
Organizational Julia Kristeva David Lidov
Visual Semiotics Jacques Lacan Mihai Nadin
Pictoral Semiotics Claude Levi-Strauss Winfried Nöth
Music and Semiotics John Locke Burghard Rieger
Semiotics in Cinema Yuri Lotman Brian Rotman
Semiotics and Media Christian Metz Göran Sonesson
Advertising Charles Morris Gary Shank
Multi-media Charles Sanders Peirce Eero Tarasti
Textual Semiotics Ferdinand de Saussure Paul Thibault
Abductive Logic Thomas Sebeok Jaan Valsiner
Ecology and Semiotics Jakob von Uexküll Adam Vile
Ethics in Semiotics Valantine Voloshinov
General Readings Lev Vygotsky

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Semiotics in the News

Semiotics Basics



Topics in Semiotics

    History of Semiotics
  • see John Deely
  • Ryder (2004) Semiotics: Language and Culture (includes a brief history)
  • Plato (360 B.C.E.) Cratylus mirror mirror mirrors
  • Gans (1997) Plato and The Birth of Conceptual Thought
  • Aristotle (350 B.C.E) On Interpretation mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror
  • Vogt (1998) Semiotics of Human Body and Character: Aristotle's Logical Foundation of Physiognomics
  • Medieval Semiotics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  • Wheeler (1999) The Semiosis of Francis Bacon's Scientific Empiricism mirror
  • Murphy (1994) Language, Communication, and Representation in the Semiotic of John Poinsot
  • Chang (1998) The Rise of Semiotics and the Liberal Arts: Reading Martianus Capella's The Marriage of Philology and Mercury pdf
  • Chang (2002) The Paradox of Learning and the Elenchos: Plato's Meno, Augustine's De Magistro, and Gongsunlong's Jianpailun (On Hardness and Whiteness) pdf
  • Chang (1998) Controversy over Language: Towards Pre-Qin Semiotics pdf
  • Brough (2001) Misinterpretation in Augustine.s Confessions
  • Fanger (1999) Things Done Wisely by a Wise Enchanter: Negotiating the Power of Words in the Thirteenth Century
  • Ott (2004) Locke's Philosophy of Language pdf
  • Locke Coins 'Semeiotike' (From 1690: Essay Concerning Human Understanding)
  • Vogt (1998) Semiotics of Human Body and Character: Aristotle's Logical Foundation of Physiognomics
  • Danesi and Perron Analyzing Cultures (includes a secion on history)
  • Cozma (1998) The Ethical Values of the Music Art of the Ancient Greeks: A Semiotic Essay
    Structuralism     Biosemiotics     Eco Semiotics     Computer Semiotics     Social Semiotics     Cultural Semiotics     Organizational Semiotics     Visual Semiotics     Pictoral Semiotics     Music and Semiotics     Cinema     Cognition and Semiotics     Mathematical Semiotics     Textual Semiotics     Media     Advertising     Multimedia     Ethics in Semiotics
  • Karl-Otto Apel
  • Vehkavaara (2003) Biosemiotics as applied objective ethics and esthetics? pdf
  • Bopry Semiotics, Epistemology, and Inquiry
  • Goguen The Ethics of Databases
  • Charles Sanders Peirce
    • Ethics of Terminology exerpts (Andreas Goppold)
  • see Habermas: Discourse Ethics
  • see Barthes' Mythologies


  • Michael Bakhtin

  • Roland Barthes
  • Paul Bouissac
  • Ron Burnett
  • Jonathan Culler
  • Donald Cunningham
  • Marcel Danesi
  • John Deely
    • Umberto Eco
    • Claus Emmeche
    • Jack Goody
    • Algirdas Julius Greimas
      • Lenoir (1994) Was That Last Turn A Right Turn? The Semiotic Turn and A.J. Greimas
      • Felluga (2002) Greimas: On Plotting
      • The Semiotic Square
        • Felluga (2000) The Semiotic Square
        • Miles (2000) the 'semiotic square' explained in context of the film,"singin' in the Rain".
    • Michael Halliday
    • Roman Jakobson
    • Louis Hjelmslev
    • Jesper Hoffmeyer
    • Kalevi Kull
    • Jacques Lacan
    • Alfred Lang
    • Jay Lemke
    • Eero Tarasti
    • David Lidov
    • Claude Lévi-Strauss
    • Yuri Lotman
    • Christian Metz
    • Sandra Moriarty
    • Charles Morris
    • Mihai Nadin
    • Winfried Nöth
      • Charles Sanders Peirce

      • Walker Percy
      • Brian Rotman
      • Ferdinand de Saussure
      • Thomas Sebeok
        • Gary Shank
        • Alexi Sharov (biosemiotics)
        • Scott Simpkins
        • Göran Sonesson
        • Paul Thibault
        • Jakob von Uexküll
        • Jaan Valsiner
        • Adam Vile
        • Lev Vygotsky
        • Gordon Wells
          • Wells (1999) Dialogic Inquiry: Towards a Sociocultural Practice and Theory of Education
          • Wells (1994) The Complemenatary Contributrions of Halliday and Vygotsky to a 'Language-Based Theory of Learning' pdf
        • General Readings
          • Allott Language and the Origins of Semiosis
          • Bergman (2000) Reflections on the Role of the Communicative Sign in Semiotic
          • Blunden (2005) Subjectivity and Semiology
          • Bonnycastle (1997) If Only I Could Dance This: Semiotics and Instructional Design
          • Bopry Semiotics, Epistemology, and Inquiry
          • Chapman (1993) Language and learning in school mathematics: A social semiotic perspective
          • Grzybek (1995) Foundations of Semiotic Proverb Study
          • Harris (1992) Codpiece/ Semiolinguistic
          • Lenoir (1994) The Semiotic Turn and A.J. Greimas: Was That Last Turn A Right Turn?
          • Lye (1997) Some Elements of Structuralism and its Application to Literary Theory
          • Marner (1998) Transsexuality, metasemioticity and photographic surrealism
          • Menant (2003) Information and Meaning abstract ... pdf
          • McGinnis Textile and Text StyleOr, Why Linguists Are So Badly Dressed (SEMA)
          • Mosely Signs in Speare's The Sign of the Beaver
          • Olsen Gender Representation and History des Mentalités
          • Petrovsky (1999) Technical Arts and Reality : Status of the Referent in Photography and Cinema
          • Susan Petrilli and Augusto Ponzio Signs of Research on Signs
          • Ryder Semiotics: Language and Culture
          • Ryder (1995) Production and Consumption of Meaning: the interplay between subject and object in open hypertext representation
          • Smagorinsky (2000) If Meaning is Constructed, What's It Made of?
          • Sowa (2001) Signs, Processes, and Language Games: Foundations for Ontology
          • van Heudsen The Mold of Culture
          • Yildiz (2002) Semiotics of New Media Literacy
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