“When men stop believing in God, it isn’t that they then believe in nothing: they believe in everything.” 

Umberto Eco

Umberto EcoLa Repubblica

Italian: http://www.repubblica.it/servizi/complessa_online.html

Eco frequently writes for Italy’s La Repubblica. The link above will take you to their search page (“Ricerca nel sito”), where you may type in “Umberto Eco” for a directory of his recent writings.

La Bustina di Minerva

Italian: http://www.espressoedit.kataweb.it

“La Bustina di Minerva,” Umberto Eco’s column for L’Espresso, an Italian weekly, is online at their site. Of course, they are written in Italian, and you have to perform a search for them — the site is very logically organized. Just go to the L’Espresso main page, and type in “Umberto Eco” or “Minerva” into the search engine (“Circa nel sito”), and click the button “Vai” (“Go”).

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Umberto Eco guida la rivolta contro la limitazione della libertà di stampa

2009-09-02 23:51:00
Umberto Eco leads writers’ revolt against Silvio Berlusconi’s attempt to gag press Richard Owen in Rome (September 1, 2009) Italy’s artistic and intellectual elite was in open revolt yesterday against Silvio Berlusconi’s moves to sue at least three newspapers at home and abroad. More than 120,000 people have signed an online petition defending press freedom for more read more. Umberto Eco, perhaps the country’s leading writer, Dario Fo, the playwright, and Roberto Saviano, author of Gomorrah, the bestseller about the Naples Mafia, were among those signing the petition, started by La Repubblica. The paper is being sued for questioning the Prime Minister’s behaviour and private life. Mr Eco said: “When someone has to intervene to defend freedom of the press it means that the society, and with it a great part of the press itself, is already sick.” He added that in robust democracies there was no need to defend press freedom “because it e…

2009-08-31 11:55:00
Umberto Eco per la libertà di stampa Umberto Eco firma per la libertà di stampa: “Ho già detto che quando qualcuno deve intervenire a difesa della libertà di stampa vuole dire che la società e con essa gran parte della stampa, è già malata. Nelle democrazie ‘robuste’ non c’è bisogno di difendere la libertà di stampa, perché a nessuno viene in mente di limitarla”. Per la libertà di stampa firmano anche il velista Giovanni Soldini, Sandra Bonsanti, presidente di Libertà e Giustizia, e don Luigi Ciotti, presidente di Libera. Libertà e Giustizia, si legge in una nota, “testimonia la sua solidarietà in particolare ai giornalisti di Repubblica e dell’Avvenire, direttamente minacciati e spiati con metodi piduisti, ma in generale a tutti i giornalisti italiani che con questa denuncia di Silvio Berlusconi hanno ricevuto una sorta di avvertimento: è vietato fare domand…

Revelation,Umberto Eco and The Current Status Quo
2008-04-25 02:47:00
While observing the actual political,ecological and global scenario, I ran into Umberto Eco’s , On Ugliness,and found a very descriptive parallel to our ongoing state of existential sassafras. For example, Monsters and Portents- at one point Hillary was called a monster, further on,quoting Eco – Revelation is a sacred representation ( today we might even say “a disaster movie”) in which we are spared no detail. Around the end of the first century of our era, on the island of Patmos, the apostle John ( or in any case the author of the text) had a vision and talked about it according to the rules of the literary genre known as “vision” ( or apokalypsis, revelation) common to Jewish culture. The author hears a voice that obliges him to write down what he will see and send it to the seven Churches of the Asiatic province.He sees seven golden candelabra and in the middle of them there is someone like a son of man, with snow-white hair and burning feet like molten bronze and a vo…

Umberto Eco:Hay una maldición china que dice: ““Espero que vivas en un
2008-03-31 01:23:00
Ése es uno de nuestros problemas contemporáneos. La abundancia de información irrelevante y la dificultad de seleccionarla, y la pérdida de memoria del pasado, no digo ya la histórica. La memoria es nuestra identidad, nuestra alma. Si tú pierdes hoy la memoria, ya no hay alma, eres una bestia. Si sufres un golpe en la cabeza y pierdes la memoria, te conviertes en un vegetal. Si la memoria es el alma, disminuir mucho la memoria es disminuir mucho el alma. For any AVM, the biggest problem or most dangerous consequence (i.e., “complication”) is that it may rupture. However, many unrupturd AVMs present with seizures too, and the development of a seizure disorder (epilepsy) can certainly occur after rupture of an AVM. So, seizure disorder is regarded a second major problem associated with AVMs, be they unruptured or ruptured. In fact, the younger the patient at the time of AVM diagnosis, the higher the risk of developing a seizure disorder. Overall, this the seizure risk lie…

Amino in Scherzo , words by Umberto Eco
2008-03-08 10:36:00
In the begining was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.This was begining with God and the duty of every faithful monk would be to repeat every day with chanting humility the one never-changing event whose incontrovertible truth can be asserted.But we see now through a glass darkly, and the truth , before it is revealed to all, face to face, we see in fragments ( alas, how illegible) in the error of the world, so we must spell out its faithful signals even when they seem obscure to us and as if amalgamated with a will wholly bent on evil. from The Name of the Rose- by Umberto Eco

James Bond, Superman, and Umberto Eco
2007-11-26 00:03:00
In further defense of the usefulness of taking popular culture seriously, I want to point to the work of Umberto Eco. He is a much admired scholar, and his brilliance in semiotics is represented… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Umberto Eco: God isn?t big enough for some people
2007-11-24 00:59:00
We are now approaching the critical time of the year for shops and supermarkets: the month before Christmas is the four weeks when stores of all kinds sell their products fastest. Father Christmas means one thing to children: presents. He has no connection with unsecuredloans4u co uk, who performed a miracle in providing dowries …

Umberto Eco e la Sinistra italiana
2007-05-11 09:14:00
Umberto Eco e la Sinistra italiana   di Giuseppe Iannozzi       La Fiera del Libro 2007 ha ufficialmente preso il via. La serata inaugurale ha messo in gioco, per così dire, l’iniziativa “Bookstock ventenni”, in un paese dove una famiglia su tre abitualmente non legge né ha in casa un solo libro. Che l’Italia sia sostanzialmente un popolo poco avvezzo alla lettura ma ricco di sédicenti scrittori, perlopiù inutili e seriali, non è una novità. In ogni modo, l’iniziativa Bookstock cercherà di plagiare perlomeno i giovani, sperando che col tempo diventino dei potenziali lettori, lettori che si spera non si sviliscano a leggere solamente Moccia e impossibili libri sul precariato e su come trovare un impiego redditizio e creativo.   Tirato praticamente per la giacca da un folto capannello di giornalisti, Umberto Eco, alla serata inaugurale della Fiera, non ha potuto evitare di tirare il…

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